About The Artist

The Originator Of Dance Calligraphy 

Meeke Mutter is an artist from The Netherlands. She started painting abstract works in 1998 when the mother of a close friend passed away and she wanted to paint something to make her friend feel better. She picked up a brush and has never stopped since.

When she could not find a beautiful dance poster when she started dancing again herself, she was inspired to make a dance painting and discovered a new way of capturing dance and movement. She calls her style “Dance Calligraphy” as she works with a fluid calligraphic brushstroke painting dancing figures. It is unique. She works mostly in acrylic. She still makes abstract works, also watercolors and has been exhibiting her art ongoing since 2003 in different countries.

Meeke has her masters in Culture, Organization and Management (Social Sciences) from the Free University in Amsterdam (drs). She also completed studies at the HEAO in Enschede and studies in Senior Communication Consultancy. She has worked as communication consultant in The Hague for many years but decided to follow her heart when she discovered her painting gift and changed careers to become an artist. She did not wanted to die and think “What if I do not try to pursue this?”

Meeke began her ballet training at the age of eight and has often performed: see her dance photo’s. Later at age 19 she switched to competitive track and field in 100/200 meters. She came to New York City to study dance technique again at age 38 as she kept dreaming of ballet. She stopped with track and field. Dance was her true passion and she left all behind. She studied with great dedication at the Martha Graham Dance School, Dance New Amsterdam (on scholarship) and for 8 years at the prestigious Ballet Arts School (Ballet and Voice) in NYC. She dances and sings frequently (watch her videos at Art Work Dance on YouTube).

Meeke has blogged for the national Dutch Newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ and has blogged for the national Dutch Dance Magazine ‘DANS’. She was interviewed by DANS about her choice to start dancing again at 38 after a break of 20 years and was interviewed by the Dutch ‘Smart&Sexy.nl’, lifestyle for women. She was interviewed by and on the cover of the Dutch magazine ‘De Dukenburger’.

Her artwork has been used many times for dance flyers and posters for shows in NYC. She has donated several art pieces to the Netherland-America Foundation for the Peter Stuyvesant Ball in NYC and Washington DC.

Meeke was on national Dutch TV  “VPRO” about her elementary school, art and dance. In 2015 she was on Dutch TV  “TV Gelderland” about her life in NYC.

She has designed beautiful dance postcards, t-shirts, scarves (at VIDA clothes) and dance bags.

She also created a fashionable new look of the Pointe Shoes by designing elegant pointe stickers. Watch how she made the designs: Dance Calligraphy onto the Pointe Shoes. She was interviewed by DANS and DANCE Informa USA about this. The pointe stickers are called The Pointe Elegantia’s® and they have been successfully trademarked in 2019. Available at On Stage Dancewear Store in NYC.

DANCE Informa USA also wrote about Meeke’s art as it was to her great honor used as inspiration for many ballet choreographies, for the big show Love&Memory by vibrant ballet company Dance En L’Air in NYC directed by Yuka Kawazu in fall and and winter 2018.  Every ballet piece had her art as backdrop as well. Beautiful!

Meeke Mutter: “I love colors, especially gold. I am inspired by dance, colors, nature and calligraphy. Being an artist means being able to focus, having patience, having the desire to create and knowing this is your purpose. This is how you can mean something for other people by sharing in my case beauty and good energy. 

I never envisioned myself a painter: a ballerina? Yes. When I was 29 years I picked up a brush and started painting, liking it and starting to really love it surprised by what came out of my hand. In all my art you can find my heart. I never paint from an example or copy an image. All my art is original.

A friend described my art once as Elegance in Motion and I loved that. Over the years I have been adding more vibrant colors to my work and started making really big works for which I had to cut my own brushes as for my technique there are no right brushes anywhere. Talent is great but you need hard work and discipline to maintain and master your skills. I have been doing that now non stop for 20 years”.