Artist Statement Meeke Mutter


“Dancing is like magic. When you are in the flow of dancing, you feel one with everything around you: no ego, no need for anything else, just the expression of the deepest self. A magical feeling. This is the magic I want to express in my artwork. The elegance, freedom, fun, power and just the beauty of dancing. That creates magic in and around us.

Is that not what life is all about: creating this magic?

We are surrounded by too much negative energy in our society. I want to give positive vibrations and empowering energy to everyone through the use of my colors, compositions and brushstrokes, so people feel stronger to create their own magic and the life they desire instead of living in fear.

I also want to change the dance and art world by making new dance art that I call Dance Calligraphy, and by designing new products like the Pointe Elegantia’s™ stickers for a new look of the traditional pointe shoe.”

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